Dear Family and Friends,


We learned this week that a young woman in Texas is expecting a baby boy,

due 8/23.  She has chosen us to be the parents of this little boy!  The baby has dropped into position and this means we’ll be heading to Texas soon, with

very little notice.  We'll need to stay in Texas 7-17 days, depending upon how

long it takes the state paperwork to clear making it legal for us to bring the babyhome to Minnesota.  We’re very excited, but we’re also scrambling to come up with the money needed to pay the remaining adoption fees and travel expenses in a very short time.  We still need $18,310 for the adoption, plus our travel expenses as soon as possible.  

Tom received notice on Thursday that his position at his company was eliminated.  However, we still feel that this little boy is to be our son.  We also have faith that God will bring a new job to Tom soon and will in the meantime provide for our household needs.  This current unemployment does however mean we will not be able to take out a bank loan for the remaining adoption expenses.  It also means that we’ll have the gift of time and the freedom to travel to Texas, and together we can help our new son get settled in at home.

​It’s humbling to admit it, but we cannot do this alone.  We need your prayers and encouragement.  God has already shown up in so many ways to give us confidence that even though it’s scary, this is the path we should walk.  Would you join with us in prayer and consider giving a gift to help us bring our son home?

If you want to help us build our family, but don’t wish to have a tax deduction, this page is a wonderful way to do that by just clicking the donate button below.

If you would prefer to send a check, please print out this form, adding your information.  All donations made this way will be tax-deductible.  Please make checks payable to "livingWATERS Church".  In the memo line, write "ROCK Ministries".  This will designate the check for our church's adoption ministry; the letter will request that the funds go our specific adoption.  Any funds raised in excess of our need will go towards other adoptions, through our church's ministry.  Please mail the letter and check to:

ROCK Ministry Grant Program
livingWATERS Church
10609 165th St. West
​Lakeville, MN 55044

We're so humbled that you care. We covet your prayers and encouragment along this journey. Your support means more than we can say.


​Tom & Deb Henderson